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The Toyota Fortuner Airbag System Has No Problem

Posted at August 8, 2017 1:59 by Jorge Linares in Toyota Fortuner Accessories
The Toyota Fortuner Airbag System Has No Problem

Toyota Fortuner Airbags system in Indonesia was no problem, everything works well. Case claims of Susilowati who had an accident March 4, 2014 is not due to damage to the system of Toyota Fortuner airbag system. “After a thorough investigation by Toyota engineers, the Fortuner airbag system is all good, works well and has no damage or defects. The cause of why the airbag did not come out during an accident because it happened on the side of the car that is outside the control sensor of the airbag system in front of the car and not exposed and not associated with the airbag system to be able to expand.

How the Airbags Work

In the car usage is expected you also know every function of the car device you use, in order to avoid errors or omissions, but you can breathe because each unit has a composition tool that makes you safe when driving, especially when things go wrong , One of them accident. So, you should be able to pay attention to the right tools for your safety, including Fortuner Cars Airbag.

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The main function of the Airbag is to slow down the forward movement of the passenger during abrupt braking at the time of the accident. The working principle of airbags is utilizing gas to float air bags. When a collision occurs, the frontal sensor on the Airbag will activate and then pump gas into the air bag so that the bag will expand. With the expansion of the air bag, the driver will not hit the steering wheel or dashboard.

Toyota Fortuner features a dual SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) where the airbag is mounted on the left side of the front passenger dashboard and inside the driver’s steering wheel. GM Technical Service Toyota Company explains SRS airbag is a safety system in the form of supplements for seat belts. Toyota Fortuner Airbags increase the effectiveness of seat belts in lowering the level of fatalities due to collisions.

Front impact sensor, driver’s airbag, front passenger, SRS warning light, safety belt pretension, pressure limit, and airbag assembly sensor are the seven essential components. When the front sensor detects a collision that exceeds the limit, the airbag will immediately expand. The impact strength equivalent to the speed of the vehicle at a speed of 20 kpj-30 kpj and hit the wall can develop airbags.

In addition to crashing into immovable walls, vehicles that hit other parked vehicles or otherwise deformable traffic signs may not develop airbags, only the belt pretension feature will be activated immediately. Fortuner Cars Airbag can expand because when a collision occurs, the chemical reaction in the inflator will fill the airbag with non-toxic gas until the airbag swells.

Other conditions that can make airbags expand not only accident. As described in the manual, a serious collision to the bottom of the car can inflate the airbag. Some examples of this collision are crashing into the roadside, sidewalks or hard surfaces, falling or jumping into deep holes, and landing hard or vehicles falling. SRS Toyota Fortuner airbags are not designed to expand if there is a collision from the front at low speed, side, rear, or overturned.

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