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    Toyota Fortuner 2020, Differences of the restyled model

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    Toyota Fortuner (Toyota SW4) – is a rear- or all-wheel drive K2-class SUV. Restyling of the second generation of the model. The official presentation of the car took place on August 4, 2020. The main features of the restyled version of the second-generation Fortuner are an upgraded exterior and a revised diesel engine. Differences of the restyled SUV – diode optics (already in basic equipment)– modified grill pattern– redesigned front bumper– direction indicators in the form of diode horizontal stripes Interior changes are not so noticeable: the dashboard scales have received a different design, increased to an eight-inch touchscreen multimedia…

  • Toyota Fortuner 2021

    2021 ALL NEW TOYOTA FORTUNER: Interior and exterior

    Japanese car giant Toyota plans to launch a new generation of the Fortuner model next year. The popular crossover has undergone a significant upgrade, which has a positive impact on its appearance and internal stuffing. More information about Toyota Fortuner…

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    Toyota Fortuner TRD Review and Specification 2017

    We know that you have done know¬†Toyota Fortuner TRD is one of the most popular kinds of a sporty car. The Fortuner was mastering the SUV part, around seventy-five percent of the world spread. Toyota makes a new model to…