Toyota Fortuner 2021

2021 ALL NEW TOYOTA FORTUNER: Interior and exterior

Japanese car giant Toyota plans to launch a new generation of the Fortuner model next year. The popular crossover has undergone a significant upgrade, which has a positive impact on its appearance and internal stuffing. More information about Toyota Fortuner 2021 new body configuration and price photos can be found below.


The dimensions of the SUV will remain the same. The main changes in appearance were made to the front of the car – now there is a redesigned block of optical elements and a new radiator grille, which is similar to that of the RAV4 model.

Almost nothing has changed in the profile projection. Light alloy wheels on wheels can boast a modern design.
The impressive poop, judging by the spy photos, has acquired chrome-plated linings on the Luggage compartment door and an updated bumper. The optics are still narrowed. The trunk widened slightly.

The car’s clearance has increased, which will certainly improve its off-road performance and make it easy to cope with obstacles on the road. The wheelbase in the old version reaches 2.7 meters.
It is not known what colors will be available to customers.


Judging by the photo of the interior, the SUV will acquire the latest version of the infotainment complex, which provides support for integration with Apple and Android mobile devices. In addition, the seats will receive a better finishing material.

The interior has an old front panel, made in the spirit of other crossovers of the Japanese brand, which is unlikely to change. Also, the manufacturer is not going to install another multifunctional steering wheel. But the main console will get enlarged screens. The main changes to the interior will be declassified later.

Technical parameters

Toyota Fortuner 2021 technical characteristics fully meet modern trends.
The developers decided to keep the same range of power units. Engine volumes and power will not be modified. Recall that the 2nd generation models sold on the Russian car market are equipped with the following engines:

  • A petrol atmospheric 166-horsepower 2.7-litre four-cylinder unit with a peak thrust of 245 Newtons;
  • A turbocharged diesel engine with a volume of 2.8 liters and a capacity of 177 horsepower. It has 4 cylinders and a maximum torque of 450 Newton meters.

Toyota Fortuner 2021 latest news says – the transmission is represented by a six-speed automatic transmission and a five-speed manual. Fuel consumption when driving in an urban cycle is low. The front suspension system is equipped with independent McPherson struts.

The start of sales of Toyota Fortuner 2021 will be held in a year. The SUV is equipped with a four-wheel-drive system, which is implemented by means of a rigid connection of the front axle. There is a downshift and blocking of the rear differential.


Safety during the trip is provided by various current electronic systems, including ABS, stability control, monitoring of dead areas on the road, anti-slip function, and so on. The new Toyota Fortuner 2021 model year has front airbags for the driver and front-seat passenger and belts with pre-tensioners.

New body

The video review shows us a powerful SUV, which is produced in the body of an SUV with five doors. All body elements are subjected to anti-corrosion treatment, so that rust will not appear even after years of operation.
It is possible to find out what will be the new Toyota Fortuner 2021 body configuration and price photos more accurately a little time later.

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