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Toyota Fortuner 2020, Differences of the restyled model

Toyota Fortuner (Toyota SW4) – is a rear- or all-wheel drive K2-class SUV. Restyling of the second generation of the model. The official presentation of the car took place on August 4, 2020.

The main features of the restyled version of the second-generation Fortuner are an upgraded exterior and a revised diesel engine.

Differences of the restyled SUV
– diode optics (already in basic equipment)
– modified grill pattern
– redesigned front bumper
– direction indicators in the form of diode horizontal stripes

toyota fortuner

Interior changes are not so noticeable:

  • the dashboard scales have received a different design,
  • increased to an eight-inch touchscreen multimedia display (which has gained support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto),
  • the central tunnel instead of the buttons selecting modes Eco and Pwr are now placed buttons Eco, Normal, and Sport.

As before, the car is equipped with three rows of seats. The second row is folded in the ratio of 60:40, the third – 50:50. The volume of the trunk with raised rear seats is 621 liters, with folded – 1934 liters. There are separate air ducts for rear passengers, and the Fortuner is also equipped with three 12-volt power outlets.

From a technical point of view, it is the same “old-school” off-road vehicle with a load-bearing frame, switchable front-wheel drive, downshifting, and forced locking of the rear cross-axle differential.

It is equipped with a 2.7-liter gasoline engine (166 hp and 245 Nm), which was available on the pre-styled version (in Russia), and an upgraded 2.8-liter diesel (204 hp and 500 Nm, in the Russian specification – 200 hp). Among the features of the latter is the idle speed at the level of 680 rpm, which allows you to comfortably drive off-road.

In Thailand’s home market, the base engine for the Fortuner is a 2.4-liter diesel (150 hp and 400 Nm), but other markets also offer the less-modern 4.0-liter gasoline engine. As for gearboxes, there is a choice of a five-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission, which has not changed.

Fortuner for the Russian market can be equipped with a keyless entry system, one-zone climate control, heated front seats, steering wheel, windshield (in the wiper zone), parking sensors, a rearview camera, and cruise control. An optional electric cabin heater and engine after heater are also available for the diesel versions.

In Thailand, the top version called “Legender” is also available. It looks more expensive (another body kit, grille, roof in two colors, and 20-inch wheels), and the list of equipment has more options. Thus, the safety systems include automatic braking, dynamic cruise control, and lane departure warning. The convenience and comfort systems include all-around vision cameras, electric trunk lid, wireless smartphone charging, and a more advanced sound system.

2.7  Dual VVT-i163 h.p.6-automatic transmission2WDcharacteristics
4.0 VVT-i239 h.p.6-automatic transmission4×4characteristics
2.4 D-4D150 h.p.6-automatic transmission2WDcharacteristics
2.8 D-4D200 h.p.6-automatic transmission4×4characteristics

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